When Queen Elizabeth II threw a pair of shoes and tennis racket at her husband

The royal couple was on an official tour of Australia in 1954.

  • Queen Elizabeth II once chased her husband, Prince Philip, with a tennis racket and a pair of shoes.
  • The Royal author, Ingrid Seward, revealed in a book she recently published on the life of Prince Philip.

The first official picture after the announcement of the engagement of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace. (Source: Getty Images)

Recently, the British Royal expert, Ingrid Seward, published a book on the Duke of Edinburgh named “Prince Philip Revealed,” which gives a closer look at the life of the 99-year-old.

Speaking to a source, Seward said that one of her favorite moments to explore was the time when Elizabeth was peeved at her spouse.

The royal couple was on an official tour of Australia in 1954 when they were given a weekend off for themselves. Meanwhile, the exhausted pair was also filming a documentary about their visit.

“Their tempers were very frayed,” the royal expert explained. “The film crew was standing outside their holiday villa. The next thing they saw, Prince Philip appeared on the terrace, followed by a tennis racket and a pair of shoes thrown at him. The queen then came out and screamed at the Duke of Edinburgh to come back. She grabbed Philip and hauled him back inside.”

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. (Source: Getty Images)

The author claimed the royal press secretary asked the crew to shut off their cameras or they would be detained.

“The cameraman rightly took his film, took it out, put it to the light, and said to the security man, ‘Take it to the Queen as my present.’

However, later the Queen handed over the film to the crew and thanked them. She reportedly said, “I am sorry for that little interlude. But you know, it happens in every marriage, doesn’t it?”

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