‘Decision to quit acting is not a cry for attention, it is for a greater good’, says Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi said that he strongly feels about the Islamic message that ‘Death is the beginning of a new life.

Wanting to be a religious activist, Hamza Ali Abbasi decided to leave acting. In an interview recently, while talking to Voice of America, the former-actor told that he had called quits to the media industry. Using his name and fan following for good, he now wants to be a religious activist.

Looking at the response of the public, Abbasi was questioned by the interviewer about all the criticism he’s getting at this, to which the former actor politely replied that he doesn’t need fame anymore or else he would have never decided to quit. Needless to say, the acting is the best medium in order to gain popularity.

The oh-so-popular Alif hero said: “All my projects were a hit and I am already popular. If anything, I want to use that popularity to spread the message of Islam.”

He further added that he hopes and prays that people finally get to see the reason behind his decision and understand that it was only for the greater good. It is certainly not a cry for attention, Abbasi claims. He further added:

“Adopting the way of religion was because I realized that I would be held accountable in the hereafter, given that I believe in eternal life. I have not slept peacefully for the past two and a half years, knowing that I’ll be held accountable in front of God.”

According to Abbasi, people usually choose the route of spreading Islam from a non-Muslim region, but charity begins at home. Therefore, the Alif actor feels that our people need to be educated, he said: “Even though our people love the Prophet (PBUH) and are ready to sacrifice their lives for Islam, they are still not educated about religion and are easily misguided by emotions.”

Furthermore, Abbasi added that people need to think about Islam rationally rather than emotionally. “People have been telling me that I will not survive on this route that I’ve taken, but I tell them that I’d rather die in the way of God than changing my route,” he mentioned.

‘Death is the beginning of a new life’

As the interview came to an end, Hamza Ali Abbasi said that he strongly feels about the Islamic message that ‘Death is the beginning of a new life,’ and hence, he is going to make every effort to be the voice of it.

Abbasi feels that he needs to help and play a part in educating the youth intellectually about the religion so that none of them walks down the path of atheism. He also quoted his movie ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Aani’ that touched the topic of adultery, which is illegal in Islam and apologized for it. He ended the interview saying that he will resume directing films and dramas as well as serve the religion using a similar medium.

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  • We should praise him on this action , What are his intentions only Allah knows but its The Allah Almighty keep him firm on good path & bless him with advice ….Good brother keep it up

  • Generally stars quit after being declined and getting flopped.
    He did it at his top.
    Best of luck.
    May Allah swt help him and help us to serve the humanity and following the right path.

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