Rabi Pirzada Draws Social Media Ire: This Time For ‘Wearing an Abaya’

Recently, she took to Twitter to share a picture of herself from her friend's nikah.

Ever since Rabi Pirzada’s private videos have been leaked, the former singer has become a prominent name in the showbiz industry.

After taking a short break from social media following her leaked videos, Rabi Pirzada is actively seen sharing what goes around in her life through her social media handles.

Recently, she took to Twitter to share a picture of herself from her friend’s nikah. The former singer wrote that since her friend had advised her against wearing an Abaya on her special day, she had to make some changes to it.

Ravi Pirzada further wrote that three of her friends have now stopped wearing western dresses. Moreover, she also wrote that one who has never been a sinner in his or her past can criticize.

The “Jadoo” singer was severely criticized for making changes to her abaya.

Here’s what people said:

Some users also expressed their support for Rabi Pirzada.


In November last year, Rabi Pirzada announced she was quitting the showbiz industry through a tweet. Her decision came after her private photos and videos were leaked on the internet.

“I, Rabi Pirzada quitting showbiz. May Allah forgive my sins. And soften the hearts of people in my favor,” She had written.

Before this, she had made headlines across the border for threatening the Indian Premier, Narender Modi, with a suicide attack. Moreover, she also had to pay a fine for illegally keeping reptiles.

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  • ALLAH hum sab ko hidayat di.. ya per sa shobiz me ayi gi shahid kuch time lag 1, 2 sal bad..mary ya bat yad raka…

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