Rabi Pirzada’s Cousin Reveals Who Leaked Her Private Pictures & Videos


Rabi Pirzada’s leaked private images and videos had taken the internet by storm almost a year ago.

Although, Rabi Pirzada never revealed the identities of those who leaked her private images and videos now, one of her cousins has shared the details.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Rabi Pirzada’s cousin shared the number and names of those who apparently leaked her private data.

Note these numbers before she deletes these messages. I am sick and tired for this. Enough. We must speak. She must speak. Rabi took all blame on herself. You trolled her tortured her, for wat? For her being a Muslim,” she wrote.

Her cousin shared these details while the former singer was asleep.

“They all did this to her. And she was hiding. Hiding a harassment. Enough Rabi. I am sorry for doing this without ur consent but i must. I cried for u. For the crime u didn’t commit.But kab tak. Lemme expose all who did this to u. They were the ones who did this to you,” she added.

Here’s the screenshot of a now-deleted Instagram post.

Rabi Pirzada had bid farewell to the showbiz industry after her leaked images and videos. The former singer had also performed Umrah following the controversy.

Rabi Pirzada is still very active on social media and regularly updates her fans regarding what goes around in her life.


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