Shilpa Shetty’s husband and ‘pornography case’ – Whom were they trapping? [EVIDENCE, CHATS]

Here's what happened.

Recently, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra was arrested in the alleged adult films racket case. The alleged case revolves around producing and broadcasting pornographic films online via internet apps.

According to details, the police are calling Raj Kundra “the key conspirator” in the matter. Officials state that the girls involved in the business were ‘threatened’ and ‘blackmailed’ by the 45-year-old man.

In a press release during the ongoing investigations, police said:

We have sufficient evidence regarding this.

The Crime Branch Cell of Mumbai Police recently revealed some of this evidence to media outlets. The evidence is in the form of WhatsApp chats in which a person associated with ‘HotShots’ – a mobile application reportedly developed by Raj Kundra’s company – is chatting with a man named Ujwal. 

While Kundra’s arrest was already the talk of the town, the new evidence and revelations in the case have set several more tongues wagging.

Here are excerpts of the WhatsApp Chats Between Ujwal & HotShots Man unveiled by Police

October 17

Ujwal- What is the update of our office Hotshot 201, Shalimar?

Hotshot (HS) – Thanks for messaging me. I am not available at this moment, will reply soon.

October 18

Ujwal- Hi sir Ujwal

HS- Brother, I am travelling from Goa to Mumbai. Don’t worry about coming to the office as Raj sir said that you could work from home. Only seniors will have to come to the office. You and George can work from home.

HS- Remove this link as soon as possible

Ujwal – yes sir

HS- Artist’s family members are constantly calling me and threatening to go to the police

Ujwal- Sir, I am trying to remove it as soon as possible

HS- Brother, please help and tell as soon as you remove

Ujwal- Ok

HS- The sent mail should also be taken as a priority.

Ujwal- Removed

HS- Removed all images?

Ujwal- yes

November 19

HS- Please remove it too

Ujwal- This one is tough to remove

HS- Why? These people are complaining a lot

Ujwal- It isn’t easy because these sites are hosted on Russian servers

HS- Please do something as these people are really bothering me.

Ujwal- Sir, I will do something

Ujwal- (sends a message) The owner of this site is in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

November 23

Ujwal – Review of this video is not in copyright, and there is little chance to remove it.

The chats revealed that the family members of an artist did not appreciate a video and threatened to complain to the police if it was not removed. The texts further unveiled that the girls who were involved in the making of the adult films were ‘threatened’ to perform scenes. 

Raj Kundra’s Plan B

The police officials also unveiled purported WhatsApp chats between Kundra and other members of the pornography video group. These chats suggest that the 45-year-old had devised a ‘Plan B’ after Google and Apple Store removed his app HotShots from their platforms.

According to reports, Raj Kundra had planned to launch a new mobile application titled ‘BollyFrame’ to carry on the activity of producing and circulating pornographic material. Kendra can allegedly be seen discussing his ‘Plan B’ with another person in the chats.

Raj Kundra’s Arrest

As per the direction of the Mumbai court, Raj Kundra will stay in police custody till the 23rd of July 2021. During this time, police will continue with the investigation to collect more evidence against the man.

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