Pictures | Remember The ‘Ramzan Aya Roza Rakho Ji’ Kid? This is Him Now

He is all grown up!

A few years ago, a song on Ramzan –Ramazan Aaya Roza Rakho Ji – went viral on the internet. Ever since then, the song keeps popping up on our social media timelines every Ramzan.

The journey for the kid didn’t just stop there. But, he continued with his passion and has been singing Sufiana Qawalis just like his father, Rais Sabri.

Listen to one of his Qawali here:

Although, most of us thought he is from Pakistan his name is Rais Anis Sabri and he belongs to Najibabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

He is also very active on Instagram and keeps sharing his pictures.

Here are Some of His Latest Clicks:

Rais Anis Sabri is also meeting some prominent names of the music industry.


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  • This guy is so different I wonder why people laugh ? on Ramadan Aya Roza rokah ji!?

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