[VIDEO] Deficiencies and everything that is WRONG with Pakistan’s rape laws

Cases of crimes against women have been plagued with social hurdles and legal issues.

Pakistan has extremely deficient and needlessly complicated investigative methods and follow-up procedures in crimes against women. The processes have been agonizingly drawn-out to such an extent that the affected party either forgo registering their case, or give up before it is even resolved.

A criminal lawyer, Sabahat Rizvi, has stated that the problem did not lie with the law but with the entire justice system, which rather than assuring the rule of law, instead shields patriarchal norms.

During a seminar on the issue, conducted by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Friday, a lawyer and social activist, Hiba Akbar, pointed out that women’s characters are a more popular topic than the evidence in incidents of sexual abuse and violence.

Miss Hiba added that the state and political parties are least interested in matters concerning women’s protection and welfare.

While illustrating the role of political parties regarding the issue, a member of the Punjab Assembly, and lawmaker, Malik Ahmad Khan, acknowledged that it was the need of the hour to address the multiple legal issues in existing laws. Still, it seemed like political parties are all but waiting for the next tragedy before they can be aggravated to do anything about it.

The Vice-Chairperson of the Pakistan Bar Council, Abid Saqi, said, “Cases of crimes against women have been plagued with social hurdles and legal issues.”

One of the primary reasons for the rise in crimes against women in Pakistan is the low punishment rate. There are numerous factors like lack of police training, discipline, and sensitivity from processing cases to managing inquiries.

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