Rapist And Murderer of Teenage Kid Turned Out To Be His Own Teacher

Unfortunately, for the past few years children molestation has been on the rise in our country. Just a few weeks ago, four kids in the Chunian area of district Kasur were raped and murdered after they went missing. The suspect was later on arrested after thorough investigation by the Punjab police, who later on confessed to his crime.

Now, another case of child abuse and murder has emerged and this it is from Khyber District of the Ex-FATA. Just four days ago, it was being reported that a teenager named Kashif Afridi was kidnapped, sexually abused and murdered in Khyber district. The family of the deceased child called for the criminals to be brought to justice.

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa police acted swiftly against the criminal and arrested him in less than a week. The murderer has been identified as Roedad Afridi who turned out to be the teacher of deceased child.

Kashif Afridi was a student of class 7th. Following this inhumane act, different social media activists and students federations had raised their voices for him. The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa police deserves full credit for catching the murderer soon.

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