PTV sends a cheque of Rs.620 to veteran actor for his work, celebrities call it ‘disrespectful’

Rashid Mahmood, in his tweet, said that he was also 'confused' about the amount.

State-owned broadcaster Pakistan Television Network (PTV) sent a cheque of Rs.620 to the veteran actor Rashid Mahmood. After the news hit the internet, people were outraged. Actors and directors demanded that PTV show respect to the actor and his work and contribution to the industry.

Rashid Mahmood, in his tweet, said that he was also confused about the amount.

In a tweet, Shamoon Abbasi asked what the criteria is of paying the winner of a ‘pride of performance’ award in this country.

Replying to this, Ali Zafar said that he remembered the day he visited the office of PTV and was shocked to see such a senior artist urging for a very small payment of his to be cleared.

He said that it had become common for artists, producers, and journalists to ‘chase’ their pending salaries for months as if they were asking a favor.

Later on, PTV’s official twitter account posted a video of Rashid Mahmood saying that his reaction was natural because he had been told by the management it was due to some ‘confusion’.

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  • Our actors are more than happy to be not paid by fancy production labels..But would never work in a PTV drama for the ‘bad publicity’ it brings to their reputations.

  • There should be an agreement for money before the show and in writing . That is the norm everywhere else. But mostly people get such jobs via ‘taa’luqat’ and then on back end complaint about being treated poorly.

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