Rauf Klasra Rebuts Shahbaz Sharif On Twitter Regarding Multan Metro Project , See What People Have To Say About It

Ultimately the scandal of Chinese company Jiangsu Yabaite Technology Co Ltd saw its final showdown as it is China Securities Regulatory Commision blacklisted the company forever along with imposing maximum penalties on the company and the owner. The investigation was initiated when Pakistani media highlighted Shahbaz Sharif’s involvement in money laundering, transferring the funds received as kickbacks in Multan metro bus construction project through YaBaite.

After that, CSRA launched an investigation digging in the matter, later revealing that YaBaite transferred $10.75 million to China.
On 17th December, Yabaite published an apology on the official website, confessing the involvement in defrauding the public, accepting the penalties and forever ban from entering the security market.

Shehbaz Sharif, however, called the news ‘a victory’ declaring that the company that was involved in ‘defaming’ him has been blacklisted. He previously rebutted the claims against him.

When already the blind followers have started endorsing the news, which perfectly depicts the benefits of keeping the nation uneducated, Rauf Klasra highlighted that the company has been blacklisted because it was found guilty of corruption, not for ‘defaming’ him.

He later dissected it in detail as well, getting an immense public reaction. Here is how people reacted to Shehbaz Sharif vs Rauf Klasra:

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