Court temporarily bars Careem from using the word “Captain” for its staff after a pilot gets offended

The civil judge also sought a response from the zonal manager of the company by the 31st of July.

Recently, an airplane pilot approached the court complaining to have faced “humiliation and disgrace” over sharing his job title – Captain – with Careem’s staff. Following the complaint, the civil court in Rawalpindi temporarily barred Careem from using the word “captain” for its car drivers.

The petition was filed by Labeeb Ahmed, a pilot by profession, through his lawyer Chaudhry Rizwan Elahi. The petitioner stated:

Due to Careem’s use of the term “captain” for its drivers, I have to bear the brunt of jokes as people often deliberately confuse my job title with that of Careem captains.

He further shared:

Such instances have shattered my confidence and disgraced an aviation rank that is attained after going through rigorous education and obtaining a commercial pilot license from the Civil Aviation Authority Pakistan.

Concluding his statement, Labeeb Ahmed said:

Due to Careem’s jargon, I feel intimidated when sharing my job title with people. The title of captain should either be reserved for a pilot or a third-ranked officer of the armed forces, also known as a commissioned officer.

Following the complainant’s appeal, Civil Judge Rawalpindi Rao Ejaz Ahmed Awan ordered Careem not to use the word “captain” for its drivers until the next hearing. The civil judge also sought a response from the zonal manager of the company by the 31st of July.

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