Rawalpindi gang rape case, where the victim was assaulted and then filmed, takes a SHOCKING turn!

No place for women?

In Rawalpindi, a 17-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and filmed during the assault. Following the incident, on the 15th of July, Waris Khan Police Station registered a First Information Report (FIR) under sections 354 (assault on a woman with the intent to outrage her modesty), 509 (insulting modesty or causing sexual harassment, and 34 (acts done by several persons with common intention) against “intoxicated young men”.

However, the recent installation in the rape case investigation events has turned the facts upside down.

Twists Unveiled During the Rape Investigation

The victim has suddenly withdrawn her statement recorded on the 22nd of July. Initially, she named and accused three drunken men of gang-raping her at knifepoint, making a video and posting it online. However, in her latest statement, before the Additional District and Sessions Judge, she stated:

I have no dispute with these men. The video was made viral by unknown people. I do not want to proceed with the case any further. I have no objection if the court decides for their acquittal or bail.

The assaulted teenager also went missing for a brief period. Some locals said that she had sought shelter with the transgender community, while others claimed that they had not seen the girl in the neighborhood before.

Thirty-two days after the accused\’s arrest, the 17-year-old girl re-surfaced and took back all the claims she had made in her previous statement. She also denied any connection with Arsalan, the main suspect seen assaulting her in the video.

The girl\’s neighbors believe that Arsalan\’s family forcibly took the teenager to their house the night before she appeared in court to record her second statement and paid her to deny her initial accusation.

It should be noted that, while talking to a media outlet, the girl disclosed:

I am under threat from Arsalan. I am afraid that he might have me kidnapped. I demand protection from the judge.

Another twist of events pointed out that the 17-year-old was not the men\’s only victim. Sources reveal that the culprits were previously accused of sexually assaulting Arsalan\’s 11-year-old nephew. An Investigation of this case was still underway when the two families decided to call a truce and stop legal proceedings.

Advancement in the Rape Investigation

The two men, accused of the crime, were arrested immediately after the FIR. The third suspect was also arrested; however, he was granted bail by the court against a Rs. 50,000 surety bond.

Legal experts say that the victim\’s latest statement could be a distortion of facts. The court officials say:

It is not unusual for the accused to pressurize or bribe the victim into withdrawing their statement. It is the easiest way for the accused to seek bail or acquittal. Even if she has given the second statement under pressure, the court holds the authority to divulge the truth and provide justice and protection to the victim.

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  • Rapes and sodomy is hallmark of Pakistani society in general. Madrassas, rural societies and kachi abadis are even worse. 0.00000000001% cases are reported to poluce. cinviction rate is 0.000000000000001% , so no use…….. However state should act in public interest and pursue the case and punish the culprits…..

  • In a case of Rape, there shoud be no compromise, if the victim says, drop charges, the state should take up the case and punish the culprits.

  • This country has become a big mess. Apply for international immigration and get a better life and leave this mess behind.

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