Rawalpindi: Bail granted to alleged rapist after he marries the victim IN COURT

The couple was married in the court during bail hearing of the suspect.

A Rawalpindi District and Session Court has granted bail to a suspect named Tariq Niazi after he married a woman he had impregnated after sexually assaulting her. He was also charged with dumping the body of a deceased infant girl born out of the wedlock.

During the hearing on Wednesday, Niazi was presented before the District and Session Judge, Jahangir Gondal, after completing his judicial remand. The suspect’s lawyer notified the court that the victim, Mehwish, had forgiven Tariq, and they had agreed to get married. She wanted to withdraw the case.

The judge asked the woman to state without any fear that she wanted to marry Tariq, to which she said yes.

Following this, A Nikkah registrar, Muhammad Ali, solemnized the marriage between the two. The suspect signed the wedding papers, having an alimony worth PKR 50,000. Tariq’s brother, who is a police officer, was also present in the court.

The court ordered to present bail bonds worth PKR 0.1 million, which the suspect’s brother submitted. The court then obtained Mehwish’s signatures on an affidavit. The newlywed couple swore before the court that they would live together as a family, after which Tariq’s release orders were issued.

Earlier, Saddar Police had arrested Tariq after finding an infant’s body in the shrubs. During interrogation, the suspect admitted that he had been assaulting Mehwish for a long time, and the girl was born out of wedlock.

The police also revealed that the infant girl fell seriously ill after birth, and she was admitted to the Benazir Bhutto Hospital for treatment. However, she could not recover and died.

The suspect received the body from the hospital with Mehwish, but instead of burying the deceased, he dumped the body.

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    • Law ha Bhai..agar suffering party khud hi razi Nama Likh dey Tu case khtam ho jata ha.ab Jis larki ne khud maaf Kar dia ho sab Kuch..adalat Kia karay wahan??

      • The man’s brother is a policeman, so you can imagine the pressure they gave he lady… zindagi haram ker di hogi.. whae else she could do

  • What a shame…how could one marry person who raped her and cruel enough to dump an infant body (that happens to be his own child)….

  • Girl would also have been involved 1000000000000000000% later the guy would have refused to marry her and then she leveled rape charges. This is what is happening in Pakistan. Pakistan ki jawaan aurtein sab say baree badmaash hain, court khud unn ko ijazat deta hay jo kerna chiye karein baap aur bhai kuch nahe eker saktay.

    • tumhare behan hy ya nahi agar nahi to maa to lazmi ho ge , aab bagair maa ky paida to honay sy rahay , foran larke pr ilzaam daal dia.

      to begin with agar larke ke marzi thee ya nahi larka to mujrim hy or at this point larke ko benefit of doubt dyna he paray ga no choice unless evidence ho ky larke involve thee

      larky ko to latka do

  • What type of so called justice is this…
    Why govt or courts don’t give the righteous punishment ordered by Allah swt in Quran

  • Crime is crime that too raping a woman so there should not be any forgiveness; the culprit should be punished!!!

  • انصاف بکتا ہے، منصف بکتا ہے
    ہر چیز کی بولی لگتی ہے اس ملک میں

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