Rawalpindi: Rat infestation takes over the lives of Rawalpindi citizens

The densely populated areas of Rawalpindi are showcasing an unprecedented increase in the population of giant rats. The lives of the city’s residents and business people have become extremely difficult due to the infestation.

The Rawalpindi areas infested by rats include Bani, Waris Khan, Dhok Khabba, Arya Mohalla, Madanpura, Shaheenpura, Raja Bazaar, Bara Market, Ganjmandi, Namak Mandi, Urdu Bazaar, Bhabra Bazaar, Bohar Bazaar, and Moti Bazaar.

Devastation caused by the Rats

Hundreds of residents of these areas were rushed to different hospitals for treatment after the rats bit them during the past few months. Health officials confirmed the increased rat-bite cases and said:

The cases of rat bites have increased significantly in recent months as hundreds of people have been treated at the hospitals for rat bites. Children and women are the victims in most rat-bite cases in the city.

Citizens of Rawalpindi complained:

The rats have spared no house, shop, or market. They are so big even cats are scared to hunt them down. Hundreds of complaints have been registered with Rawalpindi’s District Administration, but it has not yet taken action.

Business people in the area claim:

The population of mice burgeoned during the Coronavirus lockdown as our shops remained closed during that period. The mice population has surged to a dangerous level, and they have destroyed edible and non-edible items worth millions of rupees.

Rawalpindi residents Call for Help

The residents of Rawalpindi have demanded the city’s administration to launch a campaign to cull the mice.

It is pertinent to mention that Rawalpindi’s administration has no specific department to deal with the infestation issue. According to sources, officials have advised the citizens and business people to ensure cleanliness in their homes, shops, and markets. The experts believe that cleaning the areas would automatically result in a decrease in the mice population.

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