Dedicated Rawalpindi policeman wins hearts as video of him performing duty in rain goes viral

So beautifully touching and heartwarming.

The job description of a traffic warden revolves around being on ones’ toes all the time. It is not easy to deal with different challenges, look for solutions, and handle a temperamental crowd simultaneously. It gets even tougher when mother nature gets in the way.

Hats off to a Rawalpindi traffic warden, Imran Asif, who stood firm against severe rainfall and continued to direct the traffic.

A Twitter user, Nazia Jabeen, tweeted a video of Imran Asif in action on her account:

Nazia\\’s tweet went viral and Imran Asif won the hearts of many because of his stern commitment to his job. On the 12th of July, the internet came together to appreciate the man for setting a magnificent example:

Serious appreciation was extended to him:

People thanked him for his commendable effort!

Some labeled the man as a hero!

Many were moved by his commitment to his work:

Truly this man deserves a lot more for his effort!


We cannot agree more!


Many questioned the authorities\\’ commitment to their employees:

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  • A Hero .. every crises in our life unveil heros among us .. Best Rewards are from Allah subhanwatala … Allah Taa’la is bhai ke rizaq main izafa karin aur in ke zindagi khushiyon say bhar dain Ameen

  • Masha-Allah…rizq halal kerliya es ne apna…may Allah, help bless and guide him..

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