RCB issues warning against Australian all-rounder Dan Christian for breach of contract [DETAILS HERE]

Dan Christian's comment and the warning issuance incident speak a lot about the BCCI and Indian captain misusing their authorities.

Recently, the Australian all-rounder, Dan Christian, and the New Zealand pacer, Kyle Jamieson, appeared in a podcast – The Grade Cricketer. Following the release of the podcast, Dan Christian found himself in quite a lot of hot water.

The Australian all-rounder made several funny revelations during the podcast that took social media platforms by storm. However, the most prominent comment of Dan Christian was about Virat Kohli, which willed Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) to issue a warning to the player for a breach of contract.

What was the comment?

During the podcast, Dan Christian recalled the time when the RCB all-rounder, Kyle Jamieson, refused to bowl to the RCB skipper, Virat Kohli, with the Dukes ball. Here is what Dan Christian said:

Pretty cagey from Virat, actually, right in the first week we were here. The three of us were sitting down after the nets, and these two were talking about Test cricket. Virat said: ‘So Jamie have you bowled much with the Dukes ball?’

He added:

Jamie says: ‘Yeah, I have a couple of them here; I will have a bowl leading in before I go over there’ and Virat says, ‘Oh if you want to have a bowl against me in the nets, I am more than happy to face’. Jamie was like, ‘No chance I am going to bowl at you!’ He would have looked at his release point and everything that he does with the Dukes ball!

The aftermath of the Warning by RCB

After receiving a warning by RCB, Christian and Jamieson requested the host of The Grade Cricketer to remove the podcast video.

The Grade Cricketer released a statement after removing the video, which read:

Earlier this afternoon, we took down the video after Dan Christian informed us that he had been issued a warning for ‘breach of contract’ following his appearance on The Grade Cricketer podcast earlier this week.

Dan Christian’s comment and the warning issuance incident speak a lot about the BCCI and Indian captain misusing their authorities. It should be noted that cricketers make casual remarks all the time. Experts speculate that the fact that these players receive warnings for such ‘candid (truthful) conversations’ says a lot about Indian cricket.

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