Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice) came in to existence on 25th April, 1996. What a bright sunny day was on 25th April when Imran Khan, a former international cricket star (as of now current Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan) founded this Centrist Political Party. PTI started to grow with a slow pace but did not completely achieve the popularity as fore casted by Imran Khan. He said I am launching this party which will represent the true aspirations of a common Pakistani.

The party which termed itself as ANTI-STATUS QUO, a movement advocating principle of equality for all its people (Islamic Democracy). It’s the only party in Pakistan which claims to be a non-family party and also the largest by membership, having over 10 million members both in Pakistan and abroad. The party aims to make Pakistan a WELFARE STATE, a state which will be responsible for health, education and creating suitable job opportunities for its citizens. It’s the first ever party which advocated freedom of thought, freedom of speech and also worked for dismantling the religious discrimination in our beloved Pakistan. This socio-political movement has a rough and bumpy drive till date.

In June 1996 the first Central Executive Committee of PTI was formed under the leadership of Imran Khan and its first constitution was approved on 24th January 1999 by the said committee. IK started a grass root campaign for raising awareness about his political party; he remained a staunch critique of the entire political order of Pakistan right from inception of PTI, he deemed the system was corrupt, inefficient and morally bereft of any of the founding principles of Pakistan.

Less than a year after the inception of PTI, it contested elections in 1997; Imran Khan stood from seven different constituencies across Pakistan but could not manage to win one seat with a majority. In the year 2002, he became a member of parliament by contesting an election from his hometown Mianwali. In 2007, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated; Nawaz came back from self-exile to Pakistan. Imran Khan in conjunction with many political parties joined APDM (All Parties Democratic Movement) in order to exert pressure on President Musharraf to hold elections. All parties participated in the Elections held in 2008, only PTI boycotted the said by tearing the nomination papers by Imran Khan during a press conference.

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In Imran Khans book, Pakistan: A Personal History, he has mentioned selfish and corrupt ruling elite made up of politicians, military bureaucrats and feudal lords had destroyed Pakistan and today it’s at the brink of disaster. PTI’s agenda was to give Pakistan a modern Islamic State (now days IK refers it to Riyasat-e-Madina) which will work for individuals welfare through community guidance and co-operation, providing social security and rule of law. PTI wants to represent all Pakistani’s regardless of ethnic, linguistic, religious or on provincial backgrounds. PTI is working on the pattern which will bring political stability, social harmony and above all economic prosperity for all racial and ethnic communities.

As of today, PTI is the ruling party wining general election of 2018, hence the largest party in National Assembly with coalition factors. Now I have used the word REINCARNATION, which means the rebirth of a soul in a dead body. After GE 2018 till today, PTI is in government, but the state of affairs at the party end at very much pathetic. Grass root workers are too much annoyed with their local representatives. Silent supporters and voters are also in a state of confusion. It’s been more than 9 months PTI is in government, but to be honest we have not seen any good signs of so called CHANGE which Khan Sb used to mention standing on the container in those old good days of DHARNA at Islamabad.

On May 1st 2019, PTI celebrated its 23rd YOUM E TASEES at Convention Center Islamabad. The Centre of attention of this event was SAIF ULLAH NYAZEE, a close aide of Imran Khan. He was appointed as CHIEF ORGANISER of PTI by Khan Sb in the month of March 2019. Saif Nyazee joined PTI in 1996 when he was 22 years of age. His political mentor was none other than Imran Khan as he had a unique opportunity to work with his leader and that too for more than two decades. Saif was appointed as Additional Secretary General of PTI in the year 2009. His major contribution to the party was to organize it from the grass root level and thus helping PTI to build up the momentum for the historic Jalsa on 30th Oct 2011. After completing this task, he was the major player of DHARNA which continued for more than 126 days in the year 2014.

Saif Nyazee is the true torch bearer of PTI, for the workers he is the epitome of PTI Ideology. His return as chief organizer is taken as symbolic transformation of the party into a transparent democratic institution.  He has been given a task by Imran Khan to strengthen PTI roots in all the provinces, re organize the party also in Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. Along with this he has been given additional responsibility to make party policies and also prepare for the elections. During the event at convention center Imran Khan congratulated Saif Nyazee and expressed his best wishes for future political endeavor. Khan said being the senior member of the party Saif, I believe and trust you that you would not let me down and will carry out the tasks I have given to you with best of your abilities.

Saif Nyazee said that he along with his dedicated workers of PTI will do their utmost to reorganize the party and will transform it into an institution, which will serve for the betterment of Pakistan and for the generations to come. He said “all praise is for ALLAH Almighty and then Imran Khan who has shown his trust in me and delegated me with such a huge responsibility as the Chief Organizer of the party”. Saif Nyazee along with his dedicated team, which includes Arshad Dad, Dr. Aboul Hassan, few members of parliament and ex-officer bearers of the party have completed drafting the New Constitution of PTI.

The said is already submitted to Election Commission of Pakistan and has been acknowledging by them. This is the first and most difficult task which Saif has accomplished after assuming his office. The constitution had been under review before any restructuring or reorganizing of the party was felt necessary. Many valid suggestions and recommendations by party workers across the country had been added into the new constitution hence making an exemplary national asset by strengthening its foundations.

AT present PTI was in dire need of this move. Party had lost his rhythm after coming into government. There is a huge gap between the leadership and the workers, which I think Saif Nyazee would engulf and would bring both of them at one platform. Old workers had been denied before and also after general elections of 2018. Many workers across the country had gone under hibernation mode, but as soon as they got the big news of Saif Nyazee joining back, enthusiasm of the workers is touching Himalayas. Old workers have strong faith and high hopes from Nyazee and I believe Saif would not betray the workers and would live up to their expectations. Khan’s dream of making this party into a political institution would come true only under the leadership of Saif Nyazee.

I end my article with these great sayings:

The task of the leader is to get his people (workers) from where they are to where they have not been. (Henry Kissinger)

We shall never change our political leaders until we change the people who elect them (Mark Skousen)

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