REACTIONS | BJP MLA copies ISPR’s anthem, replaces ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ with ‘Hindustan Zindabad’

Raja Singh, Indian MLA belonging to BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) copied the song released by ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) dedicated to 23rd March Pakistan day.

The song caused havoc on social media after it was shared by the MLA on the microblogging site Twitter. He shared a snippet on April 12th, sharing that the song is dedicated to Indian Army forces on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami*.

*Rama Navami is a spring Hindu festival that celebrates the birthday of Lord Rama.

The song is a blatant rip-off of ISPR’s ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. Singh shamelessly duplicated the entire anthem and replaced “Pakistan Zindabad” chants with “Hindustan Zindabad”. The song acknowledged the sacrifices of Indian security forces in safeguarding the national interest. 

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”Glad that you copied. But copy to speak the truth as well. #PakistanZindabad– he wrote.


On 22nd March, the Pakistan Army’s media wing released an anthem for March 23 titled ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. On 5th April, US officials exposed Indian claims of shooting down a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-16 on 27th February, during the episode following the Pulwama attacks. Pakistan invited US officials to physically count the F-16 planes after Indian claims, that exposed them fabricated and invalid.

The song quickly caught the attention of the audience, who called the BJP MLA out for unethical stealing of the song and mocked him for it. Here is what people said:

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