Read Zafar’s extraordinary story who lost his eyes while saving two young girls from harassment

Pakistan needs more people like Zafar who are brave to step forward and stand for what is right.

With an alarming increase in the cases of rape and harassment, the current situation in Pakistan is shocking as it fails to uphold the rule of law. Women and children are the prime victims, unfortunately, of the prevalent gender-based violence.

However, even in such an atmosphere of helplessness, some people still never back down from their moral stance and go to any extent to do what is right.

Today, we share the extraordinary story of Zafar Khan with you. 

Zafar Khan is a rickshaw driver hailing from Peshawar. Unlike an average day at work, one ride changed his entire life. He took two women passengers in his rickshaw to the Saddar area when he came across two men who started teasing the passengers.

Zafar, devoid of any reluctance, refused to be a silent witness and chose to resist and stop them. The harassers, however, tossed acid on his face and escaped. He managed to save the women but his heroic act came at the price of losing both his eyes.

Zafar is a father of two daughters aged 8 and 12 years old. A twitter user, Amir Hamza Khan, shared Zafar’s story online and said that despite his sufferings, Zafar never stopped smiling as he sat at the local hospital in Peshawar.

Hamza intends to raise money for the surgery of this Pakistani hero. He shared his cause on Twitter, and the response from the people has been nothing less than overwhelming.


”So we have collected 115K so far, thank you all! Jazakallah khan! I will be sharing other details regarding surgery and everything tomorrow, inshallah! SP Cantt has also contacted me; want CM Punjab’s team to contact regarding their offer that they made in the afternoon”, Hamza wrote in his latest tweet.

Zafar is truly an inspiration. Pakistan needs more people like him who are brave to step forward and stand for what is right.

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