[IN PICTURES] The real life of Dirilis: Ertugurl’s Sadettin Köpek

We bring you a chunk of the actor Murat Garipagaoglu's real life. Take a look!

Dirilis: Ertugrul is the most-watched Turkish TV series worldwide. In Pakistan, the Prime Minister directed PTV to air the Urdu dubbed version of the Turkish series. As soon as the drama aired, people fell heads over heels for the drama\’s characters.

Turkish actor “Murat Garipagaoglu” played the robust character of Amir Sadettin Köpek in Ertugurl. For his stellar performance, the actor garnered major praise from millions of people.

In the drama, Garipagaoglu plays the main role of the administrator of Seljuq Sultan Alā ad-Dīn Kayqubād in season two, three, and four.

However, we bring you a chunk of the actor Murat Garipagaoglu\’s real life. Take a look:

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  • I am on season 4 and so i am waiting as to when Ertugul kills AMeer Sadeth… this guy did so good a work that you really hate him for being so evil.

  • Top Actor in the whole series… love his acting..

    Brand ambassador nominee for Jumat Islami by the way… 😉

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