Watch Full Clip: The real story behind PM Imran Khan’s ‘crying’ video revealed

Turns out the video was old.

A video of the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, sitting in his lawn and crying with a rosary in his hand went viral on social media a few days ago. It became the top trending clip on twitter, with supporters saying that it shows the PM’s concern for the nation as the COVID-19 situation in Pakistan continues to worsen.

The video has also divided the internet community. While PTI supporters claimed that the video shows how much PM Khan cares about the country and his people, the critics called it a media antic to divert attention from the government’s administrative failures in handling the Coronavirus outbreak.

However, turns out that none of them were correct.

Finally, the full video clip has emerged on the internet. It shows that the video is neither an attention gimmick nor shows the PM’s worry over the COVID-19 outbreak, but is instead a few years old.

Apparently, the video is from a party meeting. PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi can also be heard criticizing the Punjab government, which shows that the clip is actually before the PTI government came into power.


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