Recent flooding has exposed that Peshawar BRT has no drainage system

Administration officials have pointed out to the government time and again that the BRT design has flaws and no arrangement for the flow of water in case of rain | Source: ET

KPK’s white elephant, Peshawar BRT, has become a headache for people of the city. With congested streets, the recent urban flooding has exposed the lack of planning in the structure. The floods have led to a loss of billions of rupees for the businessmen as the merchandise at the underground shopping area set up by the government in the underpass on Arbab Road got affected.

There is no drainage system in Peshawar BRT. People learnt it the hard way when the city was hit by urban flooding this Tuesday and all underpasses were turned into water reservoirs. After torrential rains have hit the provincial capital, the underground markets swamped. Locals, particularly the tradesmen, have shown strong reservations with the design and the fact that it has absolutely no drainage system.

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Traders on the BRT route areas helped themselves and used pumps to clear water. While they managed everything on their own to clear the routes, they saw their merchandise go to waste in front of their very eyes. As the roads turned into raging streams, traffic remained blocked for hours, causing inconvenience.

As traffic wardens struggled to help people fight the crisis, the roads next to K-P Assembly Building, Haji Camp, Pir Zakori Bridge and University Road were inundated as well.

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