Tired of Reema Omer’s misinterpretations, author of the book ‘China’s Gilded Age’ schools the lawyer herself

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Reema OmerA Professor and Author of China’s political economy, Yuen Yuen Ang, has called out Pakistani Human Rights Activists, and Lawyer Reema Omar, after she shared misleading information about “Access Money” quoting the author’s book, China’s Gilded Age.

Earlier, Reema tweeted, “corruption is always wrong. But in some instances, scholars argue a certain kind of corruption – what Dr. Ang calls “access money” – fueled rapid growth especially in the US and China.

In response, Dr. Ang said, “thank you for mentioning my book. However, your summary, “access money fueled growth,” is misleading, so allow me to clarify. My book clearly maintains that all corruption, like drugs, is harmful. Access money generates growth with distortions, risks, and inequality.”

“That access money generates “distortions, risks, and inequality” cannot be omitted. That is why I use the analogy of steroids. One cannot say that steroids fuel muscle growth without warning about the severe side effects. I repeatedly warn about the side effects.”

She further went on to say, “Whenever people hear the word “growth,” the instinct is to ignore warnings of the costs that come with it. My work is dedicated to correcting this fallacy. In America’s and China’s Gilded Age, rapid growth came with cronyism, inequality, and risks.”

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