Regional Disparities: Balochistan’s 29 Districts Denied Their Own Sui Gas Facility

Pakistan’s blind eye to Balochistan has given birth to some grave grievances that not only created a sense of exclusion for the people there but also the province has lagged behind others overall. With being deprived of even the basic infrastructure for decades, Balochistan is the least developed province of Pakistan.

Balochistan’s PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf) women wing president Fehmida Jamali said that 1200 km long Mekran Coast, that remained unexplored could have been equal to a gold mine for Pakistan and the country could’ve earned billions yearly for only being port of transit for the central Asia land lock countries, including Afghanistan.

The deprivation can be well reflected by the fact that around 29 huge districts in Balochistan don’t have access to SUI gas facility although the province itself is the real owner of natural gas. It is a matter of grave concern that the second and third biggest cities Khuzdar and Turbat are denied access to sui gas since past 6 decades.

However, further maintaining the insensitivity and lack of consideration, there isn’t even a single plan known to media or people which is under discussion or implementation to provide these major cities of Balochistan natural gas facility. Jamali said that people demand gas pipeline to be extended from Quetta to Khuzdar, covering the entire central Balochistan. With the basic provision, it will be the future hub for brisk economic activities in the entire region.

She also criticized the past governments for horrific load shedding, same that the available infrastructure of the transmission line can take a load of 600 MG to the maximum while Balochistan is being provided 400 MG, serving as the cause for prolonged announced load shedding in major parts of the province. She also showed hope that when it comes to investment scenario, Balochistan’s future appears to be bright. Foreign investors’ interest in the province is increasing as they are now well aware of the potential of the area.

With a long list of issues that will be needing new government’s attention on urgent basis aggressive development in Balochistan is among the top issues needing urgent addressal. The provincial government should take appropriate steps for the exploitation of natural resources ensuring development in the province.

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