To regulate prices, government to make displaying price lists necessary under section 144

The administration has observed that contrary to shopkeepers' claims, there has not been such a surge in prices.


The sharp rise in the prices has led the capital administration to take a crucial step; the government has now made it official for the shopkeepers to display a price list of essential commodities. The official order is mandated under section 144 of CrPC, and action will be taken against the violators under section 188 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

The reason behind this regulation is the fact that the government has received several complaints regarding the increased prices of essential commodities – the prices of farm produce like onions, peas, chilies, tomatoes, and potatoes have increased significantly over the past few days. The matter has been widely discussed by the social media and press; millions of complaints have been lodged, which lead the government to take the matter seriously.

Officials are positive that this step will play a pivotal role in improving the situation and help curtail the uncalled-for increase in prices. The capital authority issues the price lists for all essential commodities, which is commonly at display in the central market of fruits and vegetables. It is where a middleman purchases groceries from sellers.

Prices are ‘not as high’

The administration has observed that there has not been as much of the increase in prices as shopkeepers claim, if the shopkeepers display the prices set by the government, there wouldn’t be any complaints of the sudden rise in prices.

A district magistrate has issued a notification regarding this matter. It says that section 144 of the CrPC provides enough grounds to take action against the violators and ordered shopkeepers to display price lists as specified in the Prevention of Hoarding and Profiteering (Price Control Act).

The order is enforceable immediately and extends to a period of two months from the date of enforcement. Aviation Minister, Chaudhry Ghulam Sarwar, has shed light on this matter during a press release; he said the government plans on taking action against the increase in prices.

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  • Mostly they use fake pricelists and consumers are compelled to buy from them due to absence of more options. Kindly government should take it as its own responsiblity to check and monitor them. There is need for awareness regarding these through media and PTV radios program too. I am confused with there travelling Costs and others . kindly facilitate farmers by providing them transportation, storage facilities, that would make them confident . May be train would be better alternative for boosting govt revenue, low prices and Pakistan railways too.

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