Reham Khan and Mishi Khan indulge in a war of words over supporting Imran Khan

Mishi Khan and Reham Khan

Reham Khan has hit back at actress Mishi Khan after the later responded to the former’s criticism of actors who are supporting Imran Khan.

The ex-wife of former PM Imran Khan has called out Pakistani celebrities a number of times for extending support to the cricketer-turned-politician. In a tweet, Reham Khan called the actors protesting the ouster of Imran Khan ‘mummy-daddy’.

She said said it would have been great if these ‘mummy-daddy actors who are protesting against PTI losing power protested for Kashmir as well.’

Replying to Reham, Mishi Khan in a video messaged asked what was Reham Khan waiting for if the actors didn’t protest for Kashmir? “She should have protested,” the actress said.

The Uroosa actress went on to add that when the Kashmir issue was raised, Reham Khan was busy working for BBC and enjoying a western life. “We have every right to support whoever we want.”

Replying to the video message, Reham Khan said: “isn’t she that friend of Imran I cast as the phuppo in my film Janaan?”

A netizen asked Reham if she is talking about the movie Imran Khan funded for her. The ex-wife of the former PM replied: “Imran Khan can’t fund his own drama. How could he fund my film?”

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