Reham Khan Makes Fans In India | Man Who Attacked Kashmiris In Lucknow Keeps Uploading Her Pictures

Reham Khan, perhaps quite a controversial political figure and among the most-hated by the PTI followers base, has made some fans across the border as well.

While always being publicly criticised, recently Reham was the centre of the chaos once again after her interview to an Indian channel. In her appearance at the channel India Today after Pulwama attack, she said that Imran Khan’s speech should not be lauded as he has been ‘told’ to say what he said.

She added that Imran Khan is saying he will take action, it shows he has been directed to do so. Her interview lead to her being labelled a traitor by nationalists and the Imran Khan followers.

“Imran Khan has been doing what he is taught to do. If he’s saying he will take action, then he has to display and demonstrate something. We were on the way to be blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force [FATF], long before the Pulwama terror attack happened.” – she said. 

She further added that we might not be involved in the activities carried by Jaish e Muhammad (JeM), but because we have a history of not taking actions against these groups, we become the easier targets of profiling and criticism.

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”Bajrang Sonkar who attacked Kashmiri in is so obsessed with Imran Khan’s Ex-Wife. He keeps uploading her photo’s without caption and shares stage with a lot of BJP and RSS leaders apart from this he enjoys 12 Criminal Case along with Murder charges” – he wrote on Twitter. 

People can’t help but wonder the same as well. And Reham is a little shocked too. 

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