50-year-old religious scholar shares the story of his marriage to young ‘modern’ girl after 3 divorces [VIDEO]

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A 50-year-old religious scholar from Pakistan has married a 30-year-old woman. Wedding pictures of the couple have gone viral on social media.

While speaking to a local news channel, the couple shared how they fell in love. The man named Amir Khan revealed that after three failed marriages, he proposed to his current wife, Rabia, who used to work at his father’s school. Due to a misunderstanding, the school principal and his father criticized Rabia; however, her composure and calm attitude won his heart.

On the other hand, Rabia was impressed by Amir’s honesty as he did not hide about his three divorces.

Both Aamir and Rabia said that age is just a number for them. They are happy with each other. Despite being so religious, the husband does not force his wife to dress more modestly.

When the host asked Rabia why she chose to marry an old, religious man, she said, “Young girls would love to marry celebrities like Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan, who are quite old, but when a religious man of the same age wants to marry them, they are very hesitant. This is very hypocritical of them.”

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  • Islam encourages you to marry divorced and widows. And here this so-called aalim e deen is divorcing 3 wives to marry a younger girl. Shameful. The girl is probably a gold digger too.

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