Renowned Pakistani economist Atif Mian suggests how Pakistan can deal with COVID-19 crisis

Here is what needs to be done



A Pakistani-American economist, Atif Rehman Mian,is saying that Pakistan is on an explosive coronavirus trajectory and needs to take immediate, bold, and clear-headed steps to protect its people and the economy.

Here is what needs to be done

  • National lock down – Shut down all non-essential activities, and gatherings of all sorts (social or otherwise) to minimize contagion. This act will buy you the essential time to build critical capacities and plans.
  • Build testing and relevant health care capacity on a war footing – Train health workers for contact tracing, re-purpose buildings for recovery wards, etc. Bring all the resources to bear on this. It is testing and certainty of safety that will allow the country to return to normalcy.
  • Essential supply chains must keep flowing – food, medicine, logistics, etc.
  • Call in the military to help.
  • Massively increase social protection programs (like BISP), get the private sector, and NGOs involved in protecting the most vulnerable – this should be a national call.
  • The continuous testing and contact- Tracing will tell you when and where you can start easing up to bring the economy towards normalcy. Thousands, perhaps millions, of lives depend on it.

Mian is a Pakistani-American economist who serves as the Professor of Economics, Finance, and Public Policy, at Princeton University. He also serves as the Director of the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance at the Woodrow Wilson School.

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    I thought he may be a physician to advise on coroavirus but surprised he is an economist

    Sir we have a lot of quacks in our society.dont need these advises .we have already got a bunch of economists from ur tribe(IMF) under the great leadership of New Pakistan quidi Azam (Hafeez sheikh) .Is not he sufficient to destroy our economy

    (4 posts)

    Bro, It’s an economic planning that need resources, not a medical situation. Since when doctors run a hospital, Engineers fix cars, economist own stores, Plumber own the building, pilot designs an airport or a tailor own Design or make the fabric? Also, who do you have to tell you how to plan in current situation.., the clan that robbed and plundered national resource and ran away overseas with all the cash?

    (29 posts)

    Sir people of pakistan really missing world greatest economist doctor from london phd ishaq dar and nawaz royal family. No one can save pakistan except these people. Because pakistani nation like beautiful people to tell them lick my shoes😀.

    i have nothing to do with noon ,meem, jeem or q leagues. i was a voter in 1970 elections and since then i have never voted for any league.
    look ur and all pti lovers problem is this that if u feel any criticism ,though it is a heathy one , you think that this guy belongs to n,m j a,b,c league and then u start taunting him
    Again i am thankful to u that u did not give me maan bahn ki galian

    (1 posts)

    People who start again thek Qadyani drama should get a fuking life, someone should appreciate the good deeds than to criticize on the name of religion, whoever put the fingers on others should look at theirselves

    (1 posts)

    He’s qadyani, and qadyani can never be Patriot with Pakistan. They not accept constitution of Pakistan bcoz they are declared non Muslim in it

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