Washington woman sets husband on fire as she caught him sexually assaulting children

The store's CCTV footage caught the live incident, which shows the man's agony while shocked customers rush towards him to put out the flames.

In a shocking incident, 40-year-old Tatanysha Hedman of Renton Washington doused her husband with gasoline and set him on fire. The Renton police reported that Vincent Philips, Tatanysha\\’s 52-year-old husband, was soaked in highly flammable fuel and set on fire after falling asleep in bed next to his wife.

Witnesses and investigators confirmed that Philips fled the apartment and drove his car down the street to a convenience store, Skyway, while ablaze. Throughout he kept screaming:

I am on fire.

The store\\’s CCTV footage caught the live incident, which shows Philip\\’s agony while shocked customers rush towards him to put out the flames.

A store clerk called 911 for help, and Philips was rushed to the Harborview Medical Center to treat his severe burns.

As soon as the police got involved, investigators recovered security camera footage from a local gas station. The video clearly showed Ms. Hedman buying gasoline a few hours before the incident and placing the jerry can of fuel in her pickup truck.

After getting arrested for assault and arson charges, Tatanysha said:

I wanted to burn my husband alive. Shooting him would have been nice too, but it would have been too subtle for him.

Why would a woman burn her husband?

Tatanysha told the other side of the story while held in detainment. She confessed that she caught her husband raping her young child, which triggered her to take such severe measures.

After further investigation into the matter, detectives recommended that Philips should be charged with the first-degree molestation.

Any further inquiry and action into the matter are still underway. Currently, Tatanysha remains in jail, while Philips stays hospitalized in intensive care.

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