You can now report/block your stolen cellphone – here’s how



Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) gives you the facility to now report/block your stolen phones. All you need to do is follow the following simple steps:

To report/block your stolen mobile phone, you can register your complaint with PTA in the following ways to get it blocked:
  1. Simply call on the helpline by dialing 0800-25625
  2. You can also directly send an email to PTA at:
  3. You can also physically visit PTA headquarters or the nearest PTA zonal office.
  4. You can also contact Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) helplines: 1102, 021-35662222 & 021-35682222 for lodging complaints of your lost handsets.

What do you need to provide?


  • All IMEI’s of stolen /lost mobile phone
  • Mobile number (used in stolen/lost phone)
  • Brand/Model/Color
  • Date of incident
  • Name
  • CNIC number
  • Father’s name/ Mother’s name
  • Address
  • Contact number

How to check the status of your complain:

You can check the status of the phone after 16 working days of reporting. You can check it in the following ways:

  • Send 15 digits IMIEI via SMS to 8484
  • Visit the website:
  • You can also check the device’s status via the android application (DVS)

Once blocked, you will be able to see the following message against the stolen IMEI search:

” Your mobile device(IMEI#) is blocked(Reported Stolen/Lost/Misused to PTA)

Note: In order to find out the IMEI of your handset dial *#06#. You can also check the IMEI number in the settings of your phone and it is also printed on the box of the mobile phone.


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