You can now report misinformation on Instagram – Here’s how

Finally, Instagram is getting fact-checked - in a limited way!



To maximize user experience, Instagram has come up with an easy way through which users can report deceptive or misleading posts.

With the new update, users can simply click ‘report’ to any post that may seem doubtful and uncertain. Then, select ‘false information’. A third party group will then review the report made, as per Facebook Spokeswoman Stephanie Otway.

This option will be made available to everyone by the end of this month. Using this, users can report any fake rumor or misleading information. Such updates will be further determining whether or not content should be examined and proof checked by ‘fact-checkers’ to verify their authenticity.

“Starting now, people can let us know if they see posts on Instagram they believe may be false” – Stephanie Otway said.

“We’re investing heavily in limiting the spread of misinformation across our apps, and we plan to share more updates in the coming months”

With the ‘report’ button, now Instagram will also have It’s Inappropriate“:

With the ‘report’ button, Instagram will also have ‘its inappropriate’ button now. It will not necessarily remove it but will hide it from the ‘explore’ section.

The social media giant has been filled with deceitful campaigns and spam posts. The pressure on social media websites to defend themselves from misleading information being spread using their services and influence has increased.

The Instagram posts, that have been reported by user, which are found to be bogus but do not violate the policies of the platform will not be deleted but they won’t be found when the user uses hashtags or ‘explore’ to find the content.

As per Stephanie, by filtration of such posts, they can limit the spread of false information that can be misleading. The step taken has been done to ensure that no one is deceived using unverified information.

“Explore and hashtags allow people on Instagram to find the content they haven’t already chosen to follow, and by filtering misinformation from these places, we can significantly limit its reach” – Otway stated.

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