Report: Pakistan wrongly blamed for strategic depth when in reality it only sought peace in Afghanistan

Pakistan has always denied the very idea of Strategic Depth

Pakistan has been wrongly blamed for strategic depth when in reality it has only sought strategic stability and peace In Afghanistan for the benefit of the region as a whole.

The country’s policy has remained consistent despite facing several issues ranging from cross-border terrorist attacks, a decades-long influx of refugees, and the illicit smuggling of weapons, narcotics, and human trafficking all linked to instability in Afghanistan.   

strategic depth

Throughout its history, Pakistan has remained the only power that truly understands what stability in Afghanistan can look like, how it can be achieved, and how it can be beneficial for the entire region 

Pakistan’s intentions, political/diplomatic/economic support, and wholly pragmatic policy have been deliberately twisted and misconstrued, by those hoping to merely deflect blame for their failures. 

The ongoing situation in Afghanistan testifies to the fact that; Pakistan was then, and still now stands vindicated for its Afghanistan Policy despite this myth of so-called ‘Strategic Depth’

Pakistan has always denied the very idea of Strategic Depth

strategic depth

Pakistan has always worked towards a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. It has been conveyed to the Americans time and again by Pakistan Government heads, MOFA officials, Army Chiefs, and ISI chiefs over and over again.



The NDS is Still Fighting Old Wars while Pakistan is Patiently Looking Ahead

Even though the US has begrudgingly accepted the wisdom of Pakistan’s long-standing approach, the intelligence and security service of Afghanistan (NDS) is still in denial.

Lasting peace can only be achieved at the present with the help of the Taliban who are undoubtedly in a strong negotiating position. 

Pakistan’s Afghan Policy comprises geo-economic development at a regional level – Pakistan can only develop and prosper when there is peace in Afghanistan through a negotiated political settlement.

● Instead, The NDS has been planning for a civil war, hoping to blame Pakistan for their failings as the US withdrawal moves forward.

● NDS with help from CIA and RAW continues to propagate this narrative of Pakistan as the one at fault to keep the Afghan Taliban in check

(a) Undercutting Pakistan’s influence with the Afghan Taliban by pushing the TTP as the only legitimate heir to Mullah Omar and the original Taliban movement – for recruiting members inside Pakistan tribal areas and for engaging Pak military inside Pakistani borders

(b) By using captured IS Khurasan commanders (who are also de facto heads of the TTP) as proxies against the Afghan Taliban to fight on the side of the government in the impending civil war. 

Pakistan Remains a Safe Haven for Afghan Refugees

Nearly 6 million Afghans—roughly two-fifths of the country’s population—fled to Iran or Pakistan from 1979 to 1989, and the number in each country has since fluctuated with each significant intensification or weakening of conflict, resulting in mass exoduses followed by limited returns until 2001.

According to Amnesty International, Pakistan is ranked 4th among the top 10 refugee-hosting countries.

Peace and stability in Afghanistan and the uplifting of the Afghani people have always remained in Pakistan’s national interest.



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  • Well what do you expect from our greatest enemy India running a 24/7 propaganda campaign throughout their media + International media? If Pakistan says “x”, india will confirm turn around against & label it “y”.

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