Report: Half of Pakistani households cannot afford two meals per day


  • Half of the Pakistani families cannot afford meals daily. 

  • A survey conducted by the Ministry of Health revealed the stats.

  • More than 40% of children encounter chronic malnutrition and stunted growth.


A survey, conducted by the Ministry of Health, has revealed that almost half of the families in Pakistan cease to fulfill their nutritional and dietary needs.

The survey revealed that about more than 50% of Pakistani families cannot afford even two meals a day due to poverty, this leads to severe dietary deficiencies. The main aim of the survey conducted was to gain knowledge of the problem and to get the attention of the policymakers towards the increasing malnutrition problem in the country.

The National Nutrition Survey 2018 advised that more than 40% of children encounter chronic malnutrition and stunted growth, this proves to be a big hindrance in their physical and cognitive development.

The survey also discovered that four out of every ten children had stunted growth, the reason being lack of nutritious diet. The survey also found out dietary discrimination, which was in favor of boys over girls in the majority of the families.

The survey stressed that 36.9% of Pakistani households do not have access to affordable and nutritious foods in adequate amounts.

As per the results, the federal government has come forth with a food fortification bill for the first time in the history of the country, as revealed by Dr. Khalid Shafi, the Secretary-General of Pakistan Paediatric Association (PPA).

Dr. Khalid stated that the facts and figures the survey revealed were alarming and immediate steps had to be taken to counter the nutritional emergency. He said that, amongst other things, will recommend the addition of micronutrients necessary in items like ghee and flour.

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