Reports Regarding Discovery of Huge Shale Gas Reserves in Sindh Turned Out To Be Fake

In a sad turn of events, news regarding the discovery of huge Shale gas reserves in Sindh has turned out to be fake.

As per a notification issued by the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL), the news widely circulating in media is factually incorrect. The notification issued further reads that the company has neither shared any information in this regard nor has the company so far drilled any Shale well.

The oil and gas company, however, has announced that it plans to start working on a Shale Pilot Project in near future.

“OGDCL disseminates all material information to relevant stakeholders including Pakistan Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange as per compliance and regulatory requirements,” the notification further added.

Earlier, a number of media reports, citing sources privy to the matter, had claimed that Oil and Gas Development Company Limited has found huge oil and gas reserves in Sindh. A source had told a local media outlet that the gas reserves are enough to fulfil the country’s needs for 90 years.

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