Living Cost, Community, Expenses: Which countries are most recommended by international students for study and why?

Overall, Canada had the highest satisfaction points, followed by Europe in terms of living costs.

Research published by a data company, ‘Cturtle,’ has revealed major factors that international students consider when choosing a university. The study included an employment network for international graduates and alumni who studied in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

When participants were asked why they selected the university they studied in – the two prime reasons were the institute’s ranking position and location. Price was also an imperative factor, but things such as the ease of getting a visa and alumni engagement were considered insignificant.

The International Student Employment Outcomes and Satisfaction 2020 Global Comparison Report collected responses from 16,830 international graduates from China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Overall, the study participants recommended Canada and New Zealand as good international study destinations, incited mainly by feeling welcome and the comfort of working in the country. The United Kingdom was the least suggested country by the alumni; however, it still had a good score for its job opportunities and work satisfaction.

Overall, Canada had the highest satisfaction points, followed by Europe in terms of living costs. The main reason for deciding to study abroad was to improve career outcomes – with 81% of the former students stating this as their main intention for studying overseas.

Generally, students who studied in the US and Canada were the most satisfied with their country’s job opportunities. However, the alumni found England the most challenging market to work and stay in after graduation.

The North American country also came out on top of rental rates and public transport charges while Australia and the UK were listed last in all three sections.

When participants were questioned how content they felt by the overall sense of feeling welcome in the country, they ranked Canada and New Zealand as the highest-rated countries. The UK was the lowest-performing nation in the category mentioned above.

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