Reshaping Pakistan_US relations in the perspectives of Afghanistan and economy

Imran Khan leaves for the three days long US visit as of today – photo courtesy Radio Pakistan.

Pakistan, hoping to resuscitate the strained Pakistan-US relations, is all set to enter a new phase with the recent visit of the prime minister of Pakistan that starts from his today’s take-off via Qatar Airways.

The Trump’s coercive policy statements towards Pakistan since his arrival in the Oval office was nothing but a superficial approach of the incumbent US President for relations with Pakistan in which he accused the country of lies and deceit. The current visit of PM Imran Khan reflects an opportunity for Pakistan as the US wants Pakistan’s role in Afghan-Peace talks.

The two main aspects of the recent visit of Imran Khan to the US are mainly based on Afghanistan and the economy according to the findings of the Conference Report for Pak-US Relations by Islamabad Policy Institute of Pakistan.

In the case of Afghanistan, the Afghan Taliban wants the fulfillment of their two crucial demands of which one is the withdrawal of US forces from the war-torn territory and second is that they want to have the Afghan-Government based on their own terms and conditions.

The proposed withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan may destabilize the security of the entire region which is no way in the interest of either US or Pakistan. Long-term economic support from the US for reconstruction and rehabilitation in the war-ravaged Afghanistan and the withdrawal of US forces after reaching a deal must be emphasized during the recent visit to the global economic hub.

The inclusion of Pakistan in Afghan Peace Talks after the recent trilateral consultations in Beijing is an opportunity for Pakistan to negotiate a positive approach towards the revival of peace in Afghanistan and to ascertain the reconstruction of war-ravaged country by finalizing some kind of continuous financial and administrative support structure with the help of US, Russia, and China.

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The US has poured in billions of dollars in the form of aid but this aid has cost Pakistan a heavy toll in terms of life and economy as the destabilization in Afghanistan didn’t let Pakistan get strengthened on the economic and security fronts as both of these are strongly interrelated. Pakistan must seek out the cooperation from America in terms of FDI and developmental projects that the US and its businesses can carry out in Pakistan citing various investment opportunities for investing in Pakistan.


The more positive and balanced approach towards the US President and other stakeholders in the US by Pakistan can turn the economic tragedy into an opportunity by welcoming US investment, reverting the Afghanistan crisis and through bilateral cooperation in the fields of education, energy, security, etc. War in Iran can never help the revival of regional peace and PM needs to adopt a balanced approach towards both Iran and the US.



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