Residents of Karachi surprised to hear that the city’s new green buses will be fueled by none other than cow dung

The Green Climate Fund, set up under U.N., will provide $49 million for the Karachi project out of a total cost of $583.5 million



The international Green Climate Fund, with a mission to introduce cleaner-running buses, has decided to launch a zero-emission Green Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network. The project involves 200 buses fuelled by cow poo.

Reduce air pollution:

The project no doubt aims to reduce the ever-increasing air pollution and hectic street noise, but many are questioning its ability to challenge the city’s ailing transport system.

Malik Amin Aslam, the advisor on climate change, said the BRT system was the first transport project the Green Climate Fund had approved. The project will bring environmental and economic benefits.

The clean bus initiative will service around 320,000 passengers daily and will reduce planet-warming emissions by 2.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent to 30 years.

A 30-km corridor:

The Green Bus Rapid Transit will cover a 30 km corridor, providing 1.55 million residents of Karachi with a cheaper transport alternative. The project will add 25 new buses, pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, cycle lanes, and bike-sharing facilities.

The Green Climate Fund, set up under U.N., will provide $49 million for the Karachi project out of a total cost of $583.5 million.

Farmers and Karachi’s Cattle Colony are excited by the project and hope that it will reduce flies, diseases among cattle, and spending money on the water that they consume to wash the dung away.

A struggling transport system:

The Karachi Transport Corporation collapsed two decades ago due to management issues, and the Chinese-imported buses running on compressed natural gas fell into disrepair worsening the transport system.

After facing many problems, locals have now resorted to using online taxi-hailing services and auto-rickshaws.

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