DHA Karachi residents’ protest, demands and current situation – Here’s all you need to know

The protests followed the destruction wreaked by torrential rains that drowned the city last week

Residents of the Karachi’s Defense Housing Authority have  staged a protest outside the Cantonment Board Clifton’s main office over the lack of monsoon infrastructure and the administration’s failure to provide them with basic amenities.

The protests followed the destruction wreaked by torrential rains that drowned the city last week as both the federal and provincial authorities failed to avoid blame games for people of the port city.


Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has stated that both the center and Sindh will be working together to bring much-needed relief to Karachi’s people. The masses are still not happy over the authorities’ failure to provide them the fundamental rights against the taxes they pay.

A statement by the DHA Karachi residents reads, “We wish to register our legitimate right to get the supply of basic amenities of potable water, stable electricity, effective discharge and flow of drains and sewerage. We also need elimination of hanging electricity wires and data cables, fixing of broken poles, providing security as well as repair and re-carpeting of broken roads.”

A second protest later this week has also been announced by the aggrieved residents to take up their demands with the DHA outside the Phase-I office on the 3rd of September.

The list of 23 demands put forward by the residents also includes the return of tax money taken from them as development charges.

The complete list of demands is as follows:

Earlier, many parts of the DHA remained without power for more than two days leading to angry protesters gathering at Do Talwar on Saturday night. The protesters were chanting slogans against the DHA and other authorities for the poor infrastructure exposed by the rain.

By the time the report was filed, protesters at the CBC had refused to leave the premises until the board’s chief executive officer arrived.

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  • Until the CCB and DHA fatcats in the top management in cahoots with contractors are immediately fired for their negligence, inefficiency and corruption, the 23 charter of demand is meaningless and unachievable. What about the tanker mafia? What about the Clean Drinking Water Desalination Plant for all DHA residents to get rid of the tanker mafia including CCB. Also
    There’s no constant monitoring if the poor performance of the overpaid corrupt staff and management.

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