Responding With In 12 Hours, KP Police Arrests Culprits Involved In Shooting The Dog Wrapped In PTI Flag

Animal abuse being part of our political rallies and protests has, thankfully, come under discussion during General Elections 2018. Safely being called as one of the most progressive elements of GE 2018, the sensitive yet imperative issue came under attention after some PTI workers wrote ‘Nawaz’ on a donkey and brutally abused it physically.

The donkey, named and hailed as ‘Hero’ couldn’t survive. However, another innocent animal wasn’t even given chance to fight the wounds as it was shot – till there was an ounce of life left in the helpless creature.

The incident took place in Bannu when a dog, wrapped in Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s flag was shot, video recorded and shared on Facebook. The video went viral and was wildly condemned by the internet community, social media activists and animal rights’ organizations.

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The video further rose the concerns of the people on the issue and subjecting innocent animals to physical abuse for political rivalries is, in all its forms, unacceptable and condemnable. Social media community did all they could and started a petition for the urgent arrest of the culprits.

Well, you, using your social media places effectively, have made a difference once again!

Responding within 12 hours, KPK Police on their twitter informed that after working throughout the night, the culprits involved have been arrested. KP Police also thanked the social media users for picking the issues and bringing it under discussion. Here is what they had to say:

While these elections have been groundbreaking in some aspects, bring animal abuse under notice is one of the finest advancements that we can take pride in. With all praises and appreciation for efficient working of KP Police, it is due to the responsible behaviour of social media community that these issues are being addressed in the first place.

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