Karachi: Why are the results of Matric students declining constantly?

Out of these, 82 percent passed the Physics examination; only 12 percent scored 80 percent or more marks, and 27 percent obtained either 50  or less

BSEK states that the results of the Karachi matriculation students are deteriorating.

Recently, the Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) released the results of the mathematics matriculation exam. These results exposed the deteriorating education standards in Karachi.

Details of the BSEK report

As per the BSEK result data, most of the candidates had received 50 percent or fewer marks in Physics and Mathematics. A breakdown of the statistics revealed that a total of 157,000 candidates from public and private schools took the Matriculation examinations in 2019.

Out of these, 82 percent passed the Physics examination; only 12 percent scored 80 percent or more marks, and 27 percent obtained either 50  or less

Are Karachi students not studying for matriculation?

In the same year, a little above 12 percent of the 158,000 candidates who had taken the Maths examination scored over 80 percent marks. Of the 83 percent who passed the test, 34 percent scored either 50 percent or less. Additionally, 10.09 percent scored between 70 and 80 marks, 11.75 percent scored between 60 and 70 marks, and 13.17 percent scored between 50 and 60 marks.

The BSEK data report further mentioned that similar trends had occurred in 2018 and the year before. The comparison revealed similar lackluster performances by the candidates, especially in Physics and Maths.

Prof. Dr. Saeeduddin talked about the analysis report and said:

The progress of nations in the world weighs upon their level of education in physics and mathematics. 

Karachi students’ physics maths results are majorly declining.

Reason for the Decline

Keeping the importance of these subjects in view, the BSEK held a post-results analysis to ascertain the decline’s reason.

According to the professor, registered and unregistered private schools in every nook and cranny of the city are one of the critical reasons for the downfall of education. Prof. Dr. Saeedudin said:

Most of the private schools in the densely populated areas of the metropolis do not employ separate teachers for Maths, Physics, and Chemistry due to their low budgets. In such schools, only a single ‘science teacher’ teaches all three subjects without the necessary qualifications to do so.

Prof. Dr. Saeeduddin explains why the result of matriculation students is declining.

He continued to state:

Students from schools located in Baldia Town, Orangi, Korangi, and Landhi, pass examinations based on rote-learning rather than conceptual learning. These schools need to understand that a Maths teacher can teach Physics, but a Physics teacher cannot teach mathematics.

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