Challenges, details, vision | PM Khan orders the revival of Punjab’s ambitious ‘Thames-like’ New City Project

The project is set to construct alongside River Ravi and will be built on 44,000 acres of land.

Inspired by a similar project alongside the River Thames in London, Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced the revival of Punjab’s New City project. The idea was originally proposed in 2013.

The project is set to start construction alongside the River Ravi and will be built on 44,000 acres of land.

The project has the following features:

  • A 33-km concrete channel on River Ravi
  • 14 zones, harboring up to 1.4 housing units
  • A vast area reserved for greenery (in line with plans to develop a green city)
  • Infrastructural facilities e.g. new roads, bridges, piers et cetera
  • Over 25,000 acres retained for investors with preemption rights
  • An international airport in its vicinity
  • Wastewater plants to expedite River Ravi’s rehabilitation

The River Ravi Upfront Development Project is being carried out in collaboration with the engineering company Meinhardt. However, the following challenges may impede its execution and must be overcome accordingly:

  • Large-scale dumping of wastewater into River Ravi, for which a wastewater system would be required.
  • Unavailability of water in the river during winter due to the closure of the Marala-Ravi link canal
  • Regulation of the external effects of developing this project
  • The flooding issue which will seek a prompt resolution
  • A shift toward a clean and green environment will require strenuous efforts

The successful implementation of this plan would majorly relieve heavily urbanized cities like Lahore of their population burden. It will also directly tackle the housing problem facing many in Punjab, rendering it a fruitful initiative.

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