Revolutionary waste management system to be introduced under PM Khan’s ‘Clean Green Pakistan Movement’

Sanitation market is going to create job opportunities for the private sector.

  • The government is creating job opportunities for the private sector, organizations, and stakeholders through the sanitation market.
  • 90 pc of water in dumped untreated into watercourses.
  • A new era of transport electric Vehicle has been prepared and sent to the Federal Cabinet for approval.


Sanitation has become one of the most critical issues of Pakistan. On Thursday advisor to Prime Minister on climate change Malik Amin Aslam said that sanitation market is going to create job opportunities for the private sector through the scheme Clean Green Index.

On concluding the UNICEF’s workshop on sanitation Market shaping he said that effective engagement of private sector is key challenge while investing in sanitation sector.

Total of 90 pc water in Pakistan is dumped untreated into the water courses. On this regard Malik Amin Aslam said that there is a need to focus on the treatment of liquid waste and waste generation.

Furthermore, collection of more than 80 pc of solid waste is usually not from dumping spots. In addition, 40 pc of the population is unable to use safely managed lavatories he further said.

Motivation behind this initiative of resolving solid and liquid management is PM Khan’s Clean green Pakistan Movement.

Clean Green Index

“Clean Green Index is going to be launched in October after the prime minister’s visit to United States to attend United Nations Security General meeting. There are 35 quantifiable indicators, in the index, based on the five pillars of Clean Green Pakistan Movement including tree plantation, solid waste management, liquid waste management, total sanitation or toilets and safe drinking water,” he added.

A competition between would be held by government to make behavioral change for clean green Pakistan.

Moreover, all around the world waste, solid, and liquid management had turn into a profitable business says Amin Aslam.

This is a golden opportunity for private sector to chip in by looking at the waste produced in the country. Advisor further said that this is one out of five components under the clean green index. Whereas, the funding of 10 billion trees are finalized.

“Electric Vehicle has been prepared and sent to the Federal cabinet for approval. It would open new era of transport in the country. The plastic bags ban is under implementation where the ministry will develop the lessons learnt from this experience and in the next phase it would be implemented in the provinces,” he said.

Advisor ensures that government will fully support the private sector, organizations and other stakeholders venturing in the sanitation business.

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  • ماشا الله بہت زبردست کام ہو رہا ہے انٹرنیٹ پر – زمین پر چاہے ڈینگی نے پوری قوم ڈنگی کر دی ہو

  • The problem is qw do not have any rules and regulations while doing construction. Once a persons built his house, he makes sure that others house becomes a pond. Means there are no elevation rules and regulations. People just to cross their bikes puts a barricade on drainage system. So what Govt can do………….

  • Definitely Gov. is taking time, but for planning to address the route cause of the problem and the long term solution. Not like earlier Gov.s who used to start or announce projects without any planning just to get commission.

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