Road Towards Gender Equality: Pakistan Opens First Public School For Transgender Community

While we may have a number of reasons to be hopeless, Pakistan definitely has given us quite some reasons to hold our heads up pride in the sphere of transgender rights. We have made some commendable advancements for the relief of our marginalised transgender community, turning world’s heads towards us. The global community also asked America to look towards Pakistan to get inspiration.

Shamus Khan and Joss Greene’s piece for CNN, titled as ‘What Pakistan gets right and the US gets wrong on trans rights” expresses the same.

The Trump administration proposes further attacking these Americans by erasing their identities and thereby excluding them from federal protections. Americans must fight back. To do so, we might look East, to places like Pakistan, for guidance on how to protect our fellow Americans’ right to exist. – it read. 

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Pakistan has taken another leap forward by opening doors of first-ever public school for the transgender community. It will provide quality education for the marginalised community and will bring them into mainstream education bracket, promising a good future. The school is named ‘The Gender Guardian’. The government of Pakistan announced it.
”A huge milestone has been achieved in granting transgender their rights in the country through Pakistan’s first ever transgender school. Named The Gender Guardian, the school offers a full 12 years of academic education from primary level to matriculation & leading up to college” – wrote on Twitter.

People responded positively to the significant development and appreciated how it will help the transgender community to avail good future prospects. With more of them occupying professional spaces, society will accept them as an equal counterpart as well.

Here is what the people had to say about it:

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