Hajj goes digital: ‘Robots’ will now link Pilgrims and doctors in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia digitizes its health facilities for pilgrims.


  • For the first time, Saudi Arabia digitizes its health facilities for pilgrims. 

  • ‘Robots will now connect pilgrims with the doctors in Riyadh. 

  • The robots are connected to 4G technology and will allow specialized doctors to assist patients on the site. 

For the first time, medical services in Hajj season have now gone viral. Robots will now be connecting medical specialists in Riyadh and Jeddah with pilgrims in Mina and Makkah. The robots are connected with the 4G technology, providing a way for specialized doctors such as cardiologists and oncologists to provide remote assistance to the pilgrims present at the site.

The doctors will be providing remote assistance to patients among the 16 major hospitals serving pilgrims in Mina, Muzdaliffa, and Arafat.

“We have the ability to now consult any Ministry of Health consultant from all over the Kingdom to be immediately within the hospitals. He can roam within the hospitals, go to any department or any bed and give the consultation directly,” Dr. Ahmad Balkhair, the deputy minister for eHealth and digital transformation, said from Mina Emergency Hospital.


The ministry of health further informed that major hospitals in the locality have been specifically trained in the use of new technology.

“We introduced this service because, during Hajj, it is very difficult to move within the Mina area”, Dr. Balkhair added, saying that the robots will be sprawling in the city, assuring medical assistance at the spot, without even needing to move the patients away from their accommodation.

During the Hajj season every year, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health’s “Save a Life” program offers completely free health services including open-heart surgery, cardiac catheterization, and even childbirth. All these expensive medical procedures are extremely costly otherwise.

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