Rohana Gul Kakar wins Balochistan’s first Integrity Icon Award

A large number of Pakistani citizens voted by SMS and online in the respective campaign.

Rohana Gul Kakar, Secretary of RTA (Regional Transport Authority) recently received (Balochistan’s first and one of a kind) award by the Accountability Lab in Islamabad.
An award ceremony was arranged in Islamabad this Monday, where five government officials were awarded Integrity Icon Award by Zartaj Gul, State Minister for Climate Change.
Rohana Gul Kakar is currently serving as a secretary for Regional Transport Authority, and she is awarded because of her bravery and as a thanking gesture for her remarkable work in restoring the zone of transport in the provincial capital as well as other small towns in Balochistan.

The spark behind Integrity Icon Award: 

The accountability lab has been giving Integrity Icon Awards from last four years. This award is meant to encourage honest civil officials, and according to the statement of Miss Gul, this award is absolutely essential for the particular purpose.
While addressing people at the ceremony, Rohana Gul Kakar pledged to work harder with more honesty and bravery.
She said,
“I really appreciate the forum of Accountability Lab for recognising the good deeds of civil servants. The concept is unique and likely to influence our future aspirants to opt to work with integrity.”
A large number of Pakistani citizens voted by SMS and online in the respective campaign.
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  • Kakar is NOT a Baloch tribe but a Pahstun tribe. As per Wikipedia, “The Kakar (Pashto: کاکړ) is a Gharghashti Pashtun tribe, based mostly in the Balochistan Province of Pakistan, and Loy Kandahar in Afghanistan.”

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