Rooh Afza crisis in India: Pakistan offers help

Indians won't be able to enjoy popular 'laal sherbet' in Ramazan.

Rooh Afza crisis hit India


Rooh Afza crisis has hit India, that too in the month of Ramazan. Can one even imagine Aftari without the lal sherbet? Undoubtedly Indian Muslims are at least finding is quite difficult.

Hamdard laboratories’ popular drink is off the market from 4 to 5 months now. It is neither available in shops nor online stores. The unavailability of the sherbet, that too at this time, has broken hearts across the border.

“RoohAfza will be back soon” – said one of the directors of Hamdard, Mufti Shaukat.

The receptionist has given an estimate of 15-20 days before the crisis comes to an end, which means most of the holy month will be over by then.

Rooh Afza crisis: why has the product stopped?

Hamdard’s lal sherbat is a popular Ramazan drink


There are no official details on why the product has stopped. On the other hand, the rumours say it is because of the shortage of raw material.

However, subsequently, it cannot be ruled out that it can possibly be linked with the ongoing feud among the Hamdard family over the ownership (read here).

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Pakistan offers help:

To fight the Rooh Afza crisis, Pakistan has offered a helping hand to the neighbour. CEO of Hamdard Pakistan Usama Qureshi said that if India allows, they can send the sherbet from Wahga border.

Brother , we can supply and to India during this Ramzan. We can easily send trucks through Wahga border if permitted by Indian Government. – he wrote on his Twitter account.

Social media community reacts to the shortage of popular drink:

The social media community has reacted to the shortage of popular drink, saying not only will affect the Muslims but Indians altogether. Here is what they had to say:

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