Is PIA’s Roosevelt Hotel HAUNTED? Guest shares scary experience online!

'As soon as we arrived, we felt a weird feeling in the room, but we decided to ignore it'

A guest named Shaye has revealed that a room in the Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) owned Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan, New York, is haunted.

Shaye shared the incident through a post on TripAdvisor where he said, “I had booked a room for two in the Roosevelt Hotel last year in March, and both of us experienced that the room was haunted.”

“My friend and I stayed there. As soon as we arrived, we felt a weird feeling in the room, but we decided to ignore it. Then I went into the shower and saw the curtain move, but I thought I was neurotic. As I got out of the shower, my friend said to me, “I feel like there is some ghost in this room,” and I said, “It is so weird you say that because I swear the shower curtain just moved.”

“We started panicking and went back and forth about changing hotels, but because we were only there for two days, we decided to stay. However, during those few days, we felt so uncomfortable that neither of us would stay in the room alone.”

“We wanted to search the hotel on the internet but decided to do it once we left, as we did not want to frighten ourselves further. So once we left the hotel, we found many articles and YouTube videos about the room being haunted. We were shocked that what we experienced was real. The place is actually haunted.”

It is pertinent to mention here that many guests have shared their stories of experiencing paranormal activities while staying in a particular room at the Roosevelt Hotel, which is room 1408.

It might be due to the placebo effect generated from a 2007 American psychological horror film, titled “1408.”

John Cusack played Mike Enslin, an author who investigates allegedly haunted places.

In the film, Enslin rents room number 1408 at a New York City hotel, where he becomes trapped and experiences unusual paranormal events.

Coincidentally, these scenes were shot in room number 1408 of the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan, New York.

Nonetheless, the PIA-owned Roosevelt Hotel is closing its doors from the 31st of October due to unstable economic conditions.

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