• I opened the roshan digital account…then foudn out you can only invest in US dollar denominated certificates. Obviously the PTI jokers want the dollar to be strong (and their SBP governor is an IMF appointee) that is why they offer only Dollar certificates. I dont want the dollar to continue to dominate world finance and that is why i opened a euro account. The euro is the worlds second most traded currency at nearly 20%. But this PTI joker government/state bank wants the dollar to continue to rule world financial markets so all overseas Pakistanis must first convert their currency into dollar (and pay a 1% conversion fee)

    • O Dear, You can open account in multiple currencies such as, EURO, Dollar, pound as well as in Pak rupess.

    • you should be revoked of Pakistani nationality we do not need a corrupt mafia supporter as Pakistani you should try opening account in uk where your boss nawaz is

  • I’ve working abroad for kore than 5 years now and haven’t been able to use online banking, or any devit card being out of Pakistan. This is just absurd that he who earns for family cannot fulfill their needs on time. And if he gets stuck somewhere then cannot use the debit card. Even if you’re overseas then there is no public or private scheme for you, can’t take loan, auto finance etc…
    This initiative would help to people like me, to buy a car on monthly installment.
    Hope this work.

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