Rosie Gabrielle, the woman who toured Pakistan on a bike, converts to Islam

I CONVERTED to ISLAM☪️ What lead me to this Big decision?As I mentioned previously, this last year was one of the…

Posted by Rosie Gabrielle on Thursday, January 9, 2020

Rosie Gabrielle is a Canadian traveler who has been exploring the world alone on her bike. She has also visited Pakistan and labeled it an “amazing and safe country.”

Today she has posted on her Facebook account that she has converted to ISLAM.


What lead me to this Big decision?

“As I mentioned previously, this last year was one of the hardest in my life, and all life’s challenges have led me to this point here and now. From a young child, I have always had a unique connection with creation and special relationship to God. My path was far from easy and I carried a lot of anger and fear in my heart from a lifetime of pain, always begging God, why me? Until ultimately concluding that all is meant to be, and even my suffering is a gift.”

“Never resonating with what I was brought up with, I denounced my religion 4 years ago, going down a deep path of spiritual discovery, Exploration of self, and the great Divine. I never let go the sight of the Creator, in fact, my curiosity and connection only grew stronger. Now no longer dictated by fear, I was able to fully explore this righteous path.”

“As time passed, the more I experienced, the more I witnessed the true nature and calling for my life. I wanted to be free. Free of the pain and shackles that was my hell. Liberation from the anger, hurt and misalignment. I wanted peace in my heart, forgiveness and the most profound connection with all. Thus started my journey.”

“The universe brought me to Pakistan, not only to challenge myself to let go of the last remaining traces of pain and ego, but also to show me the way.”

“Through the kindness, humbled grace and way of the Muslim people I met along my pilgrimage, inspired my heart to seek further. Living in a Muslim country for over 10 years and traveling extensively through these regions, I observed one thing; Peace. A kind of peace that one can only dream of having in their hearts.”

“Unfortunately, Islam is one of the most misinterpreted, ostracized and criticized religions worldwide. In addition, like all religions, there are many interpretations. However, the core of it, the true meaning of Islam, is PEACE, LOVE & ONENESS. It is not a religion, but a way of life. The life of humanity, humility and Love.”

“For me, I was already technically a “Muslim”. Ash-hadu an Ilaha il Allah (there is only one God)
Wa ash-hadu ana Muhammad ar-rasullallah (Muhammad PBUH is a messenger of God) This I already believed. My Shahada (my testimony) was reverting my life to the path of Oneness, connection and Peace through the devotion of God. Coming home to where I belong.”


  • Pakistan…misrepresented due to lack of interpretations of Islam which more than being a religion is a regular way of life which keeps ur feet on ground and heart immersed in NATURE.
    And…. here is a western woman speaking from the heart but her actions speak louder .

  • Well I am not disappointed you and i don’t know that you will read my message or no
    My name is kashif i am born in pakistan and now i am 36 year , i am Christian and proud to be a Christian and proud to be a Pakistani, but question is , that you came from Canada and in a year you found a right path , you found a righteous path thee you accept islam , you accept islam its your choice God bless you and save you sister in the name of Jesus christ

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